Plastic Surgeon Reveals 6 Low-Cost Ways to Look Better on ABC

"Nutrition and Diet: We all know this. We are what we eat. The importance of a healthy diet and portion control cannot be over-emphasized. Keeping a journal of your daily intake is a really good way to see what you are consuming and how to improve your diet. If you are not knowledgeable about nutrition, you can see a nutrition counselor who can help set guidelines for you. Lifestyle coaches will also review your diet and help guide you."


In this article on ABC, Alexander, the certified plastic surgeon in Atlanta, talks about different ways of looking your best without undergoing plastic surgery.

The nutrition part is one that we find particularly important. His comment: "we are what we eat" is right on target. However different doctors with different background would question the portion control understanding. Specially with so many studies being performed in regards to how hormones regulate fat metabolism this would be something to be discussed further.

For example, have you ever questioned why when you see a person gaining weight, they don't gain weight in all parts of their bodies? Most people don't gain weight on top of their hands. How about the forhead? It is hard to imagine what would happen if people gained the same amount of fat in every portion of their body. It is evident that the body has a mechanism to control fat deposits and overall fat metabolism.

The various studies with animal subjects (rats) show that if ovaries are removed, the rats become obese - even when the amount of food is restricted ( portion control). In other words, we have to change our understanding of fat gain and loss in order to tackle this problem.

Gary Taubes says talks about the topic on his book: "Why we get fat", paraphrasing Taubes, he expresses that people don't get fat because they eat too much, they eat too much because they are getting fat. Just like a kid is growing and therefore his body needs more food, a person growing fat needs the food to do so.

Perhaps the answer lies on the regulation of a hormone that most of us are familiar with: Insulin. The relation between Obesity and Diabetes has been so tight that some professionals refer to the disease as Diabesity.

More important than trying to control your body through self control, responsibility about how your body reacts to protein, fats and carbohydrate is probably a better approach for most people.

Insulin control obviously involves control of carbohydrates - specially those quick carbs such as simple sugars, starches and grains. And lots also is being said about gluten-free diets.

Talk to an especialist that understands the concept of fat metabolism through regulation of the hormones that motivate YOU to gain weight, that way you'll exponentially increase your chances of success.

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