Cosmetic Surgery Pricing

This pricing sheet should be used as a reference only and it contains the approximate maximums and minimums for each type of procedure.

These prices can and will vary according to your personal condition. Plastic surgery in Costa Rica is less expensive than in the United States, however this is sometimes misinterpreted for lower quality surgery, when in reality it is often a far superior procedure and patient care at the right cost.

For a personal pricing schedule please contact Universal Plastic Surgery today.

Plastic Surgery Procedure

Approximate Cost
Complete Facelift – includes brow lift, cheeks, eyes, neck$10,000
Facelift – without brow$5,000
Mini Facelift$4,500
Eyelids – upper and lower$4,000
Eyelids – upper or lower$3,000
Rhinoplasty – nose$5,000
Otoplasty – ears$3,000
Breast Augmentation$5,000
Breast Reduction$6,000
Breast Lift – Mastopexy$5,000
Gluteal Implants$6,000
Colpoperineorrhaphy: Surgical repair of a tear of the vagina and perineum$3,000
Labiaplasty: Labia minora reduction$2,000
Leg Implants$6,000
Fat Recycling$1,500
Abdominoplasty – Skin and Muscle$8,000
Tummy-Tuck – Skin Only$5,000
Arm Lift$2,500
Thigh Lift$3,500
Hair Transplant – 800-1000 Grafts$5,000
Chin Implant$2,500
Malar Implants$2,500
Hyaluronic Acid$1,500
Botulinum Toxin (BOTOX®) – Wrinkle Removal$850
Facial Paralysis Reconstruction Microsurgery – Two Procedures$20,000 each
Other Procedures involving MicrosurgeryCall for Pricing
Procedures requiring general anesthesia$1000
Male Breast Correction: Liposuction$2500
Male Breast Correction: Gland Resection$3000
Male Breast Correction: Liposuction and Gland Resection$3500
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