Cosmetic Surgery in Costa Rica

Cosmetic Surgery in Costa Rica

Cosmetic surgery is becoming increasingly popular in Costa Rica, with many people preferring to receive procedures outside of their home country(usually the U.S and Canada.) This has led to a boom in cosmetic surgery tourism in the country, with patients from all over the world traveling here to have surgery done. Despite being a relatively new trend, plastic surgery in the latin-american nation is becoming more and more reputable each year, with clinics and surgeons offering high-quality services at a reasonable price.

Some people choose to receive cosmetic surgery here primarily because their procedure is not covered by insurance in their country of origin and the medical costs associated are higher.

However, one of the important reasons why people end up choosing Costa Rica for their procedure is because the country has some of the best surgeons in the area. Some may argue that the best plastic surgeons in the world are found in Brazil and Japan; however the level of international training that some of the surgeons in Costa Rica have received makes them extremely competitive.

Patients can enjoy a natural and more youthful appearance with some of the best surgeons, often bilingual and less expensive than in the United States.

Important considerations when receiving plastic surgery in Costa Rica

  • Make sure that you are cleared by your family doctor prior to traveling. A full blood panel is also helpful because it allows your cosmetic surgeon to make the best decisions for your care. Please ask your family doctor to fill out this form.
  • Make sure also to book your travel with enough time for recovery. What that means is that you want to receive surgery within the few first days of your trip if you have to quickly go back to your country allowing your healing to happen in Costa Rica under the supervision of your plastic surgeon. Talk to your plastic surgeon for the specific timing recommended for your procedure.
  • Clarify all your questions with your cosmetic surgeon. Reputable plastic surgeons will always be more than happy to answer your questions and to help you make an informed decision.
  • If you speak something other than English or Spanish, make arrangements so that someone can interpret for you. At Universal Plastic Surgery, we’ll be able to serve you in English or Spanish; but if you don’t speak either one of those languages, make sure to have a plan on how to best communicate.

What to know about Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a beautiful country, lush, green and sunny. The beaches are gorgeous and Ticos are overall friendly and happy to welcome foreigners. Expect people to be cordial and make a special effort to understand you. That’s something that you may not find in all countries you visit.

Costa Rica is a nation world-known for its coffee, so make sure to try some, but be careful: you may never want to leave after that.

Finally, Costa Rica receives hundreds of thousands of tourists every year, most of them from the US, and there is so much to see here. If you are looking for adventure, you may want to try canopy adventures in the rain forest. If you are looking for sightseeing, the Guanacaste beaches are simply gorgeous with the sunset right on the ocean. If you are seeking the familiarity of home, San José has most of the things that you would miss, including: PF Changs, Walmart, McDonalds, World Gym, DJI Store and much more.

Plastic Surgery

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