Episode #6. La inflación y la cirugía plástica. ¿Afecta la inflación la compra de servicios como la cirugía cosmética?

Belleza y Bienestar
Belleza y Bienestar
Episode #6. La inflación y la cirugía plástica. ¿Afecta la inflación la compra de servicios como la cirugía cosmética?

Bienvenidos una vez más a Belleza y Bienestar: ¿Cómo calza la cirugía plástica dentro del cuidado personal la belleza y los cambios sociales de nuestros tiempos? Con la doctora Madelein Centeno, cirujana plástica miembro de la Sociedad Americana de Cirujanos Plásticos, hoy con un tema súper interesante vamos a hablar sobre la inflación y la cirugía vamos a hablar sobre el dinero y la cirugía plástica y en específico cómo está afectando la inflación cómo está afectando la economía del país y en general del mundo a los servicios de cirugía plástica.

Podcast Summary: Welcome to Belleza y Bienestar Podcast

Welcome to the Belleza y Bienestar podcast. In this podcast, we will explore how plastic surgery fits into personal care, beauty, and the social changes of our time. Presented by Dr. Madelein Centeno, plastic surgeon from Universal Plastic Surgery in Costa Rica and member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

The Impact of Inflation on Plastic Surgery Costs

In this episode, we discuss the impact of inflation on plastic surgery costs and the economy. According to Nielsen, beauty product prices have increased by 17% in 2021. For example, cosmetics for the face have increased by 31%, fragrances by 11%, and hair care products by 11%. This inflation also affects the cost of plastic surgery.

The Effect of the Pandemic on Plastic Surgery

The pandemic has made people more aware of their mortality and the importance of living the life they want. It has also opened up opportunities for plastic surgeons, as people are now more willing to travel for surgery and take advantage of affordable prices in countries like Costa Rica. The use of social media and online platforms has made it easier for patients to connect with plastic surgeons and access information about procedures.

The Importance of Choosing a Qualified Plastic Surgeon

It is crucial to choose a qualified and certified plastic surgeon to avoid complications and unsatisfactory results. In Costa Rica, one can verify a surgeon’s credentials by checking the national medical board’s website. Experience and training play a significant role in ensuring patient safety and achieving optimal outcomes.

Options for Affording Plastic Surgery

If a person cannot afford plastic surgery at the moment, there are options available. Some clinics offer savings plans where patients can make monthly payments in advance until they can afford the procedure. Additionally, there are healthcare loans offered by state banks with lower interest rates specifically for medical treatments.


Inflation affects the cost of plastic surgery, but it has also opened up opportunities for international patients and increased accessibility to cosmetic procedures. It is essential to choose a qualified plastic surgeon and explore financial options to make plastic surgery more affordable. Stay tuned for more episodes of the Belleza y Bienestar podcast.

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