We are getting ready to release an information App

The hot word these days is App . Universal Plastic Surgery has decided to build a quick app that allows our patients to find out about our news and make sure that they have the contact information handy. Why have an app? Simple, applications for smartphones like the iphone are fantastic ways to reduce the communication distance with your patients. The reasons to reduce that distance are obvious. Patients can feel the care and assistance they need specially when they are not familiar with their procedure. In Health Care, it is specially important to have the contact information of the doctors that have performed surgery on you. We are extremely happy to offer this and hope that our patients will find it useful as well. Are you a smartphone owner? Do you prefer to contact your providers through your iphone Apps? We are commited to providing you with the easiest and best way to reach your dreams and transform the way you look. The app soon will be available at the Apple Store and when approved, you’ll be able to find the download link in this page. Also remember that you’ll be able to download the app from your iTunes as well. Just proceed to search for Universal in the App Store and click “download”. And if you are thinking about the cost of the application, here it is: FREE. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions on how to download the App.

Paseo Colon, San Jose, Costa Rica