Why is Costa Rica more affordable for Plastic Surgery

You will note that plastic surgery in Costa Rica is less expensive than in the United States, however this is sometimes misinterpreted for lower quality surgery, when in reality it is a far superior procedure and patient care at the right cost. The reason for more affordable costs is health insurance. It is no secret that Health insurance in the US is a lucrative business; in Costa Rica there is only one national insurance company, government owned : INS (Instituto Nacional de Seguros). Because of having a single insurance company, health insurance in Costa Rica is a straight forward process. Either you like it or not. The only company interested in health care costs is INS. INS is owned by the government and as always, the government sometimes is willing to work at a loss as long as it is providing proper care for its people. Think about it just as the US government uses bailout money to restore the financial system (banks). Even though, this bailout is not naturally occuring, it is put in place because the government is not only concerned with profit. Unfortunately or otherwise, the healthcare insurance system in the US is a full business. No government involvement means providing the least to get the most. That is the principal of any business in order to ensure its subsistance. The patient is not most important person, the stakeholder is. This difference even though appears to be simple, it has an incredible impact on health care costs and service. The quality of care in Costa Rica is comparable to the care you would receive in industrialized countries and sometimes service is much better. Next time you start your research for your plastic surgery procedure, remember there are plenty of fantastic opportunities to save money while getting top procedures. For a personal affordable pricing schedule please contact Universal Plastic Surgery clinic and Dr. Carlos Centeno today.

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